Origins Edit

After The Rift and DoApocalyse, things were quiet School-Survival, meaning that the forums were as dead as a carcass on a Saturday afternoon. Edgyfags other than Gwedin, Sharpie and Ario stopped caring about SS with good reason.

After the forums being quiet a lot of the time, Soul, for some inexplicable reason, was on the verge of ragequitting the forums, which she eventually did, but for some reason she couldn't be bothered giving the forum to someone competent, but giving it to the next best thing: xcriteria.

Now, Chanku lost his sanity, although this is attributed by both him and others (such as Neue) due to his somewhat insane home life, after attempting a coup de etat of the irc during his insanty he lost all of the postitions he had...

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