The Rift is an ongoing shouting match between the members of School Survival and Dark n Edgy

Worlds apart by yavyxie-d58ydut

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Origins Edit

Some historians say that it began with The Banishment of the Oldfaf, while others claim that it began with this golden gem of a thread, where Duelix expresses his dislike for Night, a School Survival moderator.

Because of this outrageous display of affection (don't lie fagix, we know), SoulRiser decided to close down the Frag Arena and host a tournament to the one who posts last in the Arena, with the eventual victor being Hansgrohe.

The seeds of chaos had been planted and this..."thing" escalated even further, when a DnE IRC log was posted onto SS by aCol. What followed was a shitstorm. Then Aya and Night argued over some petty shit that nobody really cared about and it was pretty boring, just saying.

The Banishment of the Oldfaf Edit

Gore Goroth, known by the common folk as simply Gore, is an oldfaf of SS who was banned on questionable evidence and remains as one of the more disgruntled members of the forums. He is credited with starting the idea of the Hugbox and even hosts a popular thread critiquing School Survival's policies. Gore is one of the main benefactors of the divide between the two forums alongside Aya.

Aftermath Edit

When Gore was promptly exiled from School Survival, many others were inspired to take up the sword and fight for a which they believe, is a just cause. People like SwiftEscudo, Efs, Alistoriv, Duelix, and SaintVicious keep on raiding the forums with their edgyness, spreading their message among the people, but they tread a dangerous line in doing so, for the SS banhammer is swift and merciless.

Ario, who spoke out against the forum in a drunken mishap, as of writing this, has been exiled from SS, erased from its history and reduced to but a mere memory among other newfafs.

Hansgrohe, a former Moderator and who was once considered a die-hard hugboxist, has also come out and criticized the dictatorial trends of hugboxism, and has since been swiftly removed from power and kicked from the party.

While Dark n Edgy has done most of the raiding, a School Survival user by the name of KFC Nyan Cat has made a stupid little troll thread that some people called raiding, unsuccessfully.

He was shortly unbanned, but adamantly remains on both DnE and SS, where he spreads and supports the ideology of both forums being good. [not applicable any longer, see: (link)]

Another School Survivor, Walter Scott Dempsey, formally vitralizer, had a more successful raid on the DnE forums, which included angering member V.R. [citation needed]

VAGIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNA (editor's note: whilst we are all fond of the sweet allure a madame's cauliflower (or in layman's terms: a snatch) possesses over the mere mortal man, we (DnE Wikia staff) feel that this comment is unsuitable for the message this article is attempting to convey.

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