An artist's depiction of SoulRiser battling Hansgrohe

The Second Great Purge is an ongoing purge of both older and more recent members of School Survival, which all started because Hansgrohe was demodded from his position as a moderator of School Survival.

The Second Great Purge has lead to a number of consequences; including many members leaving the forums entirely for the Discord chat (which is not run by Soul at all), and a number of other odd things going on.

History Edit

The purge all started when Hansgrohe decided to issue TheVanishingSnowDove with a warning. TheVanishingSnowDove had been posting gore on the discord chat, posting images of users on public forums without permission, and in general acting like a troll, such as spamming the thanks system.

Hansgrohe decided to let the community vote on the issue, but the measure was rejected, and so SnowDove was let off with a warning. However, SoulRiser freaked out about this, and decided to demod Hansgrohe and denounce him, oblivious to the trouble SnowDove was causing. In response, Hansgrohe lashed back at SoulRiser, denouncing her as a dictator. Soul defended her position.

After a while some of the users, such as Depression101 and HawkbitAlpha began criticizing Soul for her decision to demod Hans. Things took a turn for the worse, when a lulzy age of consent thread was shut down by Night, as the thread got incredibly creepy and seemed like a pedophilia advocacy thread. However, in retaliation, Soul added stevenhein as an admin, who then demodded Night in a power trip and re-opened the pedo thread, leaving School Survival without 2 of its best moderators.

Things have gotten even worse, as Depression101 has accused stevenhein of attempting to ask sexual questions towards him (this possibly being sexual harassment, and Depression101 still legally being a minor); the Chatzy room in question where this discussion took place was then deleted by stevenhein suspiciously.

Current Situation and Aftermath Edit

In the immediate aftermath, Night and Hans were not re-modded, to the dismay of the majority of the community.

In a bizzare turn of events, Benjavaz took the side of Soul, SnowDove, and stevenhein, causing a controversial string of events, where Benjavaz ended up shitting himself on the unofficial School Survival discord multiple times.

The shouting match continued; Night and Hansgrohe posted multiple threads criticizing SoulRiser, which were then promptly binned to the basement, in what was seen by the community as an act of censorship. Regardless, stevenhein's posts which threatened Night and Hans as well as being borderline pedophile in nature were allowed to stay, because stevenhein was to be trusted, apparently.

Shit got even worse when Soul posted a lulzy announcement which basically falsely accused Hans of being a racist, as well as claiming that if she were her 1997 form and found the forum she would have ran away and cried; she never responded to any arguments. This caused Night to shit all over Soul on a thread, even exposing a PM which called Hansgrohe "an attention whore", as well as other maladministration from Soul and Stevenhein.

This, alongside with Hansgrohe directly responding to said PM and further criticizing Soul, lead Soul to shut down the forums entirely; the remainder of the community started Splinter Cell, which is meant to emulate School Survival circa 2005-2014.

Things got even lulzier, as Soul and stevenhein started their own little forum on stevenhein's site, with Benjavaz and SnowDove; this shut down after only a few days after Ben attempted a failed raid on the unofficial School Survival discord, which lead to stevenhein calling it quits, and shutting down their forum.

As of 7/8/2017, School Survival Forums can be accessed, but not posted on.

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