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SwiftEscudo's commie signature on DnE

Joined SS 5 April 2012
Joined DnE 10 June 2012
Nationality Australian
Known for communism

SwiftEscudo is a user on School Survival and Dark n Edgy who's really into communism and is Australian.

Relationship ThingEdit

At some point in his blog, SwiftEscudo noted that he had a crush on a girl at school and had suspicisions that the feelings were mutual. After being met with a huge response of "just ask her out already you fucking fag", SwiftEscudo asked the girl out and the two began a relationship. This was a surprise because Swift was known as being a giant fucking autist. The two later had sexual relations that culminated in parents finding out, leading to a whole load of drama. SwiftEscudo also became jealous of her best friend at the time, as they hung out frequently and he was considered a better person to trust than Swift himself. All of this ended up causing a ton of relationship issues which he wrote about on his blog. Eventually the girl broke up with him and Swift's mental state committed sudoku, however they still had feelings for each other which led to more issues. After breaking up and getting back together about a million times, the other DnE users completely lost faith in any hope of a stable relationship between them. 

Eventually it was realised that she and her best friend did have feelings for each other after all, but weren't going to date for several reasons. Swift's mental state started to settle several months after the initial breakup, where the two had a less conflicted friendship with sexual and romantic tension. Issues arising almost a year after they first went out almost resulted in another mental crisis, but was averted and ended with the two reaching a mutual understanding of their feelings towards each other. SwiftEscudo no longer writes about this relationship often anymore, but notes that despite the mutual understanding, conflict with some of her friends and other romantic interests could put their friendship/whofuckingknowsatthispoint in jeopardy. 

Said girl has now begun a relationship with another guy who Swift strongly dislikes, tensions are at a high once again however social situations are still considered 'normal'.  

Political ViewsEdit

SwiftEscudo originally began as a kid with mixed political views, not having yet reached a decision nor having read enough about political theory. He was anti-school and often presented 'edgy' ideas. Notable dumbass ideas include: The idea that whaling is cool and okay because fuck the environment, and that certain cultures have 'dumb hipster accessories'  

He later grew up and stopped being such a dipshit. Becoming a leftist with mixed views for a long time, before becoming intrigued with Marxism. He later adopted Trotskyist views and joined an Australian political group, evolving his political beliefs and solidifying them.  


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