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1 November 2011

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9 June 2012



Known for

DnE Admin, excessive drug use, not giving a shit

Sharpie is a DnE admin. He helped Lunatic set up the forums in the early days, right after SS was shut down. He's also been pretty good at doing mod shits for DnE, which mostly are banning Duelix and spambots. Having contributed over ten million posts on DnE, he is by far the most prolific and important admin/member.

He smokes weed erry day and has quit/been fired from jobs multiple times because fuck a job. He has been diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder and probably wants you to fuck off<3


  • He is of Russian descent and is fluent in the language
  • Born on 12/17/94
  • play titanfall 2 with him and he will love you forever<3