School Survival
Founded The 90s
Founder SoulRiser

School Survival, usually abbreviated Naziesquely as SS, is a website run by the hugboxist SoulRiser. It used to be notable for housing the world's greatest concentration of angsty teenagers, but since the Great Purge the website has come to be dominated by people of a less "dark n edgy" variety. A large portion of the site's pre-Purge userbase has since migrated to Dark n Edgy.


SS is old as shit, and has been around since the 90s when SoulRiser herself was an angsty teenager. The Internet Archive has copies going all the way back to 2005 .


School Survival's initial purpose was to promote the anti-schooling movement, which in 1999, was considerably small. Although for the most part the site has attracted militant radicals who wish to abolish schooling (or mandatory schooling, at least) in its entirety, there has been an extremely small number of moderate reformists, most of which have emigrated to Dark n Edgy. Since the Great Purge, the vast majority of its users are radicals who have posted threads amusingly attempting to trigger a militant uprising on a national or international scale (albeit with no success whatsoever).

Great PurgeEdit

Main article: Great Purge

In June 2012, SoulRiser deleted several vital files required for making posts on the forum boards. This lead to the creation of Dark n Edgy, which Lunatic created on a whim on June 9 2012. Most of the core userbase joined.

A few months later, SoulRiser re-activated the forums. This was discovered by Luiz and Ramm. In protest of the unjustified forum deactivation, most of the members of Dark n Edgy refused to use School Survival, adapting DnE as their new home.

An almost entirely new userbase joined School Survival in the following months. Notably, the average age decreased from 15-20 to 11-14, and reformists were replaced almost entirely by radical militants. It's also worth noting that School Survival now has considerably more female users.

Some post-Purge members of School Survival also have accounts on Dark n Edgy, but are rarely used, normally only active when, and if, School Survival has any down time. (Except for Alistoriv, he's a good boi)


  • Hugboxism - The most widely accepted ideology on SS, opposed by most of DnE. It is generally against any sort of strong criticism, insulting or anything which has a slight chance of causing offense or negative emotions.
  • Dark n Edgyism - The ideology supported by DnE. Heavily centred around free speech, it is more libertarian in nature.
  • Pseudo-anarchism - Popular among the youngest users of SS, it is anarchism based exclusively on social and civil issues, neglecting economics and foreign policy in its entirety. Pseudo-anarchists have always existed on School Survival, but were at an all time low in the time period of late 2010 to mid 2012. Most pseudo-anarchists later adapt more plausible political pipelines as they mature, most commonly progressivism or libertarianism, but in some cases socialism or, in rarer cases, a real established variant of anarchism that involves economics.

Notable usersEdit

  • SoulRiser - Site founder.
  • Neue - Also active on Dark n Edgy on the occasion.
  • Gwedin - Active on DnE on the even rarer occasion.
  • Hansgrohe - Was also briefly active on DnE.
  • Brainiac3397 - Active on both SS and DnE. Completely nuts.
  • Alistoriv - huge fgt

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