MrBill's Avatar on DnE.

Joined SS N/A
Joined DnE February 15, 2013
Nationality American
Known for Never finishing projects, writing electronic-typed music, Hearing voices and Seeing people

MrBill, also known as God, Godette, and MrsBill, is a new comer the DnE community, notable for being one of the few members who is not originally from SS. He joined in February of 2013 at the insistence of his IRL friend, Wes. While MrBill's activity has been mostly limited to his blog on the DnE forums, he is frequently active on the community's IRC server. He is narcissistic, pays no attention to current events, has no definite political views, expresses disdain for the general human populace, is frequently  self contradictory, and expresses interest in a number of subjects, though fails to pursue any interests to a notable degree. He often identifies as an "office monkey." He is the founder and sole member of the Responsible Party.

MrBill has maintained a personal website for a short period of time, where he lists the formal definition of the Allahu Akbar Public License, and an incomplete description of an unfinished, underdeveloped constructed language. Addtionally, the website contains a few musical snippets, and a second blog of different content. The page was taken down for a few days after the initial release of Boycott Systemd, but shortly revived.

Bill makes some sweet jams on his Soundcloud, although he thinks they're pretty shit. They're not like the best music in the world but they're not too bad and he should probably feel proud of his accomplishment (an emotion which MrBill may not be able to experience). He also hears shit that's not real, but he's not crazy. He has never once delved into a schizophrenic madness where he beat his family at the behest of the voices, and we all hope he never does that.


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