Rough drawing of our old, and long gone friend.

Joined SS 20 December 2011
Joined DnE 9 June 2012
Nationality Falklander/British
Known for anarcho-primitivism, minecraft, ragequitting

Mael was born in Stanley, the most populous settlement in the Falkland Islands. A self-acclaimed anarcho-primitivist, this user had a sporadic history on both the SS and DnE forums. Beyond a few failed attempts at suicide related threads and a history of fibbing, the bloke was quite a forgettable person in hindsight, really. We still want the Minecraft server, you fucking faggot.

School Survival forumsEdit

Mael first posted in the latter days of 2011, where he posted an inhcoherent rant describing his grandiose escape from cartoonishly-evil parents, telling the forums that he had gone to Vancouver in order to secure a new life as a vagabond. This turned out to be a lie, the start of dozens inherent in his posts.

Despite maintaining a juvenile interest in the circlejerk of School Survival, the kid could never integrate himself into the community. Despite their differences, the true community of both SS and DnE lay in the IRC forums, where users could joke about shit and lose their edgy personas to an awkward camaraderie. Some users reached out to him, but he eventually shut off contact with them, formulating toxic ideals to fill in the existential void known as his comfortable middle-class life.

Early in 2012, he and a few other members participated in a few Tinychat sessions. From what other users could register, Mael was rather fond of cheap and ill-fitting Italian suits, and hats. Based off of scant evidence, it's possible that the guy might've had Ass burgers.

For School Survival01:00

For School Survival.

Diaspora and the dawn of edginessEdit

Mael and the other active members of SS joined Lunatic's new servers after the temporary shutdown of School Survival in 2012. Like his history on the forums, the guy mainly shitposted videos with Tim and Eric-like quality, and pity posts.

Contact with the forum user Wes turned the faggot from a normal human being into an emulator of Captain Caveman. Whether Mael was inspired by SHOTGUNHEART (another melodramatic primmie), or if he dabbled in the forest fruits isn't known to users. This eventually lead to conflict between him and other forum members, where he would write incoherent responses to posts, slandering civilization in a way that would even make Theodore Kaczynski cringe.

Early 2013 brought with it several posts relating to a Minecraft server. He posted basemaps of several real-world landscapes, including the Haida Gwaii archipelago. Lucrative promises of a 20,000 by 20,000 block map with several factions never panned out completely. Supposedly, ACol and others still wait to this day for Mael to deliver the goods. It seems like he was always suggesting ideas for new projects, but couldn't muster the ambition to completely finish them.

The end?Edit

This guy had a long history of false exits, saying that he was leaving due to school, or a personal crisis. All of it was a false front to satisfy his narcissistic urge for attention, I figure. However, in the fall of 2013, Mael posted the most incoherent of his rants in response to Wes commenting on the disbelief of progress inherent to anarcho-primitivists. Probably shitting his tidy-widies, Mael posted a pathetic shit-strewn wall of text , where he whined about his hatred for some of the core members of the forums, like Wes, Aya, and Saint V. That was the last we saw of him, and he hasn't come back since.

If there's ever a news article relating to the cadaver of a scrawny Jewish-looking man found in the Yukon wilderness, Wes may indeed have the last laugh.


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