Lucha libre

Lol it's a Mexican

Joined SS 9 May 2009
Joined DnE 8 June 2012
Nationality murican
Known for Dark n Edgy, computers, metal


Lunatic, also affectionately known as Luna and now LOON_ATTIC, is the founder of Dark n Edgy. He was born in South America, eventually moving to the United States where he studies Computer Science in a university. He likes extreme metal music and shit, but he really is a nerd. He used to be a Lunix zealot until he realized that pretty much all software sucks, and different pieces of software are just better for some things than others, or something like that. In Dark n Edgy, his nerdtastic skill is probably only considerably rivaled by V.R.'s. Lunatic founded DnE after the SS forums went down during the Great Purge. He likely suffers from depression.

The Name Edit

It had something to do with how he considers himself nocturnal, since the moon has associations with night and the Latin word "luna" means "moon"; Pink Floyd's Brain Damage, and that he considers himself somewhat... not normal. He's a social zombie with most people and probably some degree of autist.

LOON_ATTIC is taken from when Sharpie made fun of the way he pronounced "lunatic" once during a TinyChat voice chat with some other DnE members, when fucking around with an exaggerated accent for the lulz.

Founding of DnEEdit

After /ss/ went down, and some discussion about if and who will start the new forums, Lunatic quickly took the initiative and created what is now DnE. The discussion can be found here. The original site was hosted on an old laptop running FreeBSD on his home network. It was pretty damn stable for what it was (except sometimes the service got cut off thanks to his ISP or crappy modem) and used until eventually the need for external hosting arose due to Lunatic's transition into college.

Blah blah blah freedom of speech blah blah blah space for saying things that you couldn't say elsewhere blah blah blah political correctness sucks blah blah blah he doesn't like a lot of things DnE members say. If you don't, what'ya gonna do about it, huh? He believes censorship is to be avoided as much as possible, even if he thinks that what some people say is fucking stupid, wrong or whatever. Or some shit.

Political ViewsEdit

Lunatic used to call himself an Anarchist with some interest in anarcho-capitalism in middle school because it was cool and edgy. Nowadays, he believes anarchist "systems" are only viable for smaller communities.

Lunatic has not displayed any systematic ideology outside of discontent with how pretty much every government seems to operate. He seems to have a disdain for the obvious failings of the system; however, he doesn't seem to devote much time to focusing on political issues, instead focusing on playing videogames and fucking around with Lunix. Besides, he believes politics is too fucking complex and due to his disappointment with humanity, he doesn't feel like he could change much for the better anyway, at least in a revolutionary manner.

Still, Lunatic thinks the Pirate Party is cool and seems to have an appeal for direct democracy (perhaps e-democracy) and a centrist economy (as long as the regulations don't suck, why would they hurt?). However, he still has doubts about this happening because of the apparently amazing ability assholes have of holding power.

Technical KnowledgeEdit

Although V.R. used to troll Lunatic about having a superiority complex about using Lunix a while ago, which might have been somewhat true, LOON_ATTIC doesn't really consider himself a "computer genius" or anything, even though some other people do and think Lunatic has the most computer skill in DnE or something. V.R. is obviously more skilled and much more knowledgeable about Computer Science and shit but, according to absent, he totally doesn't count because he's a prodigy and fuck prodigies for being so innately skilled. Lunatic, even before entering into college, was probably much more technically competent than many undergrads, at least the ones in shitty schools. He seems to have an affinity for the field of computer science and has maintained the DnE network on somewhat minimalist systems and software from its inception, often modding and hacking things together when necessary but never anything too big. Lunatic is a proponent of minimalism in software and is a proponent of open source practices. E.g. muh free software, although he's not too much of a zealot. He likes Plan 9 and hates software licenses and legalese. Lunatic believes everything should be under the WTFPL, public domain, or Allahu Akbar Public License.


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