Officer Dinky Hooves (Known as KFC Nyan Cat on School Survival) is a newfaf user of School Survival, who has a Dark n' Edgy account. He's a major faggot. No one likes him. He is also an idiot when it comes to technology.

The Banning of GoreEdit

KFC Nyan Cat often blames himself (Particularly this thread) for Gore getting banned. At the time, he had a large grudge against Gore. Currently, he agrees that the ban was wrong, and has nothing against Gore.

Dark n' Edgy Truth MovementEdit

Dark n' Edgy Truth Movement was a joke/troll thread that Officer Dinky Hooves made for the lulz. After a few replies, it escalated to a full scale argument until Dinky decided to give DnE a genuine chance.

Technologican Incompitance Edit

It is generally known and accepted that KFC Nyan Cat is an idiot when it comes to technology, however as of late he has admitted Linux > Windows 7, but he merely prefers Windows 7


"I'm black"

"Jewish isn't a race"

"This is proof you're a loser because winners don't do drugs! (except maybe weed.)

"One time I read something from you about me, and I interpreted it as you CRYING because I wouldn't leave! (he's referencing this thread)

"My life is a failure so at least I should be able to laugh at morons before I go to Middle School."

fuck this, wikia is beign a real pain in te bottom and i have shit to edit, toodles!

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