Hugboxism is the forum ideology currently adopted by School Survival and developed by SoulRiser.

Characteristics Edit

Hugboxism is characterised by the focus on people's feelings and emotions.

SoulRiser lists the number one priority of a hugbox to be that, "Sensitive people need to feel safe and respected (or at least accepted) here, regardless of what they say or do."

SoulRiser also states the lesser priorities of a hugbox to be:

* Discussing school stuff, alternative education, ways to learn, etc.

* People should be able to get help with communicating with their parents, particularly about getting to try alternatives.

* People should be able to talk about any weird beliefs or theories they might have, without it degenerating into a huge argument or debate (unless they want it to).

* People should be able to just vent without being offered advice or criticism (including the constructive kind), unless they actually want those things.

* People should be able to talk about just about anything without restriction (free speech), as long as it doesn't interfere with any of the other priorities.

Criticism Edit

There are several notable critics of Hugboxism. These include Gore, Wes, SwiftEscudo, Duelix and the vast majority of the Dark n Edgy community.

Critics suggest that Hugboxism ultimately leads to censorship and an excessive focus on subjective feelings rather than free speech and discussion. They have also suggested that the very nature of a hugbox leads to subjective moral standards being imposed on the userbase, with moderator discretion causing inconsistencies regarding warnings and bans. Critics also suggest that Hugboxism will still possess conflict, perhaps even to a greater extent.

In SwiftEscudo's "A Contribution to the Critique of Hugboxism", it is suggested that Hugboxism may have an added disadvantage of alienating the userbase. Both Gore and SwiftEscudo have presented significant amounts of criticism towards Hugboxism, through the "SSSSS (Stupid Shit SS Says) thread" and through "A Contribution to the Critique of Hugboxism".

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