Hansgrohe, also known as Hansy and occasionally as Snoop Hans and Hansy-E, is a post-purge member registered on both School Survival and Dark N Edgy. He is considered one of the most influential members of the post-purge era, often known for his strong partnership with xcriteria and Neue, as well as his various ideas. At one point, Hansgrohe was considered a total hugboxist, and it was unlikely he would return to Dark N Edgy. However, as The Rift began to reach its peak, with the bannings of Gore occuring as well as Ario being exiled and Sharpie being allegedly beaten with the SS warn-hammer for a very minor infraction, Hansgrohe began to speak out against the dictorial policies of SoulRiser. Hansgrohe has since been unfairly relinquished of leadership duties.

As of 2017, Hansgrohe was demodded again after acting within the best interests of the forum after he (with reason) warned a user and threatend to ban VanishingSnowDove. His demodding, compounded with the bannings of Gwedin and Uryitogi, has consequently started a massive shitstorm known as The Great Purge, Part 2

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