Duelix is the most hated user on both SS and DnE. SS hates him because he keeps shitting on them. DnE hates him because he's an arrogant asshole.

He fucks up SS biannually, and every one of his waves leaves a large shitstorm in its wake. Duelix has spawned several imitators, such as Danky Elfman, who may be even better at spawning chaos. Notable Duelix acts include faking suicide, encouraging genocide, dissing individual members, spamming gore porn, and generally turning SS into a shithole. He's responsible, ironically, for spawning Hugboxism . He is a convenient excuse for any fascist policy the SS mod team instates, such as moderating posts.

He's been banned many times and has numerous alts. If someone is bad, they are probably duelix. Trustno1.

Now Duelix has returned from college to find DnE and SS dead, partially due to the civil war he sparked. But he's older and too bored to troll SS now that it's practically dead. He's shitting up DnE yet again and hasn't been b&... yet

AAAND he's been banned yet again

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