The DnE forums during the DoApocalyse

The DoApocalyse, sometimes known as the Second Purge, was an attempted purge of School Survival users that were considered "edgy" by moderator DoA in a fit of delusional arrogance. DoA, in a messiah delusion, believed that by banning all that opposed him and Soul, and had sided with DnE (whether fully or in some cases), would bring peace and order to the School Survival forums. Of course, it ended in catastrophic failure. The purge had turned a majority of the DnE-SS community very much against his rule, most of the users that were banned were swiftly unbanned by xcriteria, and lead to a very mysterious and strange re-modding of him the morning afterwards.

Buildup Edit

The Rift was at its height. In June and July both communities had begun presenting differing arguments and opinions on how the forums should be run, some constructive, some not so constructive. In the middle of July, 2 massive shitstorms had taken place on the School Survival forums once again.

The first was an argument that Hansgrohe had presented against SoulRiser's hugboxist ways of running the forums. Specifically, he was addressing the "no advice or constructive criticism" rule that was instated in the "Emotional Venting" subsection. The argument had turned rather personal, though reached some resolution. Hansgrohe was stripped of his mod duties by SoulRiser for "not feeling supported". This was seen by many on SS and DnE as an example of the hugboxist dictatorship being run on School Survival.

The second shitstorm to happen was this gem of a thread which involved Sharpie being warned over providing what was considred criticism to Soul's venting thread by DoA, another move which was seen as unjustified by both forums. In this thread, DoA proved how delusional he was, such as proclaiming himself as "the force of nature" on School Survival. He later said that he was in a "bad mood", but many believe that this was an excuse to hide how big of a dickwad he was.

The Purge Itself and Aftermath Edit

On July 23, 2014, in yet another fit of delusional arrogance, DoA, while chatting on the School Survival IRC, had believed that he could become the messiah of the School Survivlal forums by eradicating ( ) all the users he had considered "edgy" and bad for the forums. Neue had warned that doing so would cause a massive shitstorm, lead to his demodship, as well as turning a majority of the community against him. DoA, in his state of delusional euphoria, went ahead with his genoicde.

Later that day, many DnE users had noticed that they were getting banned. During the dawn, many had wondered why they were banned, before realizing that DoA had begun his ill-fated campaign. There was a mixed reaction on DnE. Some considered this a victory and began a celebration, and believed it had proved a point.

In the immediate hours in the aftermath, many on the IRC as well as both forums had begun landing punches on DoA. xcriteria believed that he had properly demodded him at the time. Vonunov and Hansgrohe had taken the time to flame DoA openly for his mistake. In general, there was anger at DoA and the forums in general. It was considered the greatest shitstorm on SS since the Justin shitstorm.

Users that were banned immediately were Absentinsomniac, Desu, Wes, Lunatic, Efs, Gore Goroth, Gwedin, Alistoriv, SwiftEscudo, some Duelix alts, RammFF, aCol, WalterScottDempsey, I Must Enter A Username, and alienrat. Users that were banned hours later were Hansgrohe, Vonunov, and Sharpie. A majority were banned for being "edgy", though Gwedin and alienrat were banned for posting "gore". Sharpie was banned for letting Ario use his account, Hansgrohe and Vonunov were banned for insulting DoA (who had not been properly demodded at that point), while I Must Enter A Username's ban was seen purely on political views, with DoA being economically conservative while IMEU was a communist.

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