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Founded 2012
Founder Lunatic

Es what wiki's about foo.

What is Dark n Edgy?Edit

Dark n Edgy is a split from School Survival that was founded on 9 June 2012, following the temporary closure of School Survival's forums. Most of the DnE community refused to return to SS, viewing its closure as unjustified. The community of SS has almost completely refreshed since the closure, further driving former users away. It is often referred to as a "hugbox" in a derogatory manner.

What is School Survival?Edit

Founded in 1999, School Survival is an anti-school advocacy website. In 2012, SoulRiser controversially closed the forums without announcement. This led to the creation of Dark n Edgy as a successor.

I still don't understandEdit

School Survival is MK Dons. Dark n Edgy is AFC Wimbledon.

Former namesEdit

Dark n Edgy has been renamed quite a few times, most notable as Scholastic Dementia (but then Luna got a cease and desist letter from those corporate Scholastic fags so dropped that name.)

What are your aims?Edit

To be honest, we don't even know. Rival 4chan? Discuss politics?

Notable usersEdit

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