Harley Quinn

DC Comics' Harley Quinn, who Aya likens herself to

Joined SS 7 August 2005
Joined DnE 11 June 2012
Nationality American
Known for being a cunt, romancing SaintV, having a life, losing weight

Aya, originally known as Ayliana and also affectionately deemed Queen Cunt, is a cunt of Dark n Edgy who was banned from School Survival. She is known for threatening to tattle on BobManPerson as well as others for posting retardedly illegal shit on the SS forums and also for having a short lived e-relationship with SaintVicious. She is currently on basic training or something for the US Coast Guard, as she wants to do something with her life.

Personality traitsEdit

Aya isn't actually as big of a cunt once you get to know her, but she's still a pretty big one. Especially to people who are demonstrably idiotic or do stupid shit. Nobody can escape her critical eye, not even Wes (who's numerous idiotic IRC comments have been posted on the DnE IRC logs thread, mostly by Aya).


It has been revealed that Aya enjoys being spanked, which is actually pretty tame. But it's kinda funny. There's probably more to it than that though. (D-d-d-d-daddy issues)

Notable accomplishemntsEdit

Weight lossEdit

When Aya was in high school she weighed like upwards 200 lbs or 90 kg or something, but, probably to show her mother she can actually be somebody, she lost a ton of weight. If you can't tell, Aya doesn't have too much nice stuff to say about her mom, as well as the rest of her family.

SaintV eRelationshipEdit

Aya also participated in a long distance relationship with SaintVicious, although it has since disintegrated (or has it???). Aya likened the relationship to the one between the Joker (Saint) and Harley Quinn (her) in the old 90s Batman animated series. They're also a royal couple, being the King Asshole and Queen Cunt.

Joining the Coast GuardEdit

Aya has also joined the Coast Guard, and she's current off for training or something. She's gotten some flack for joining the military, particularly from bleeding heart Wes, but it's probably better that all she's doing is intercepting boatloads of leaky Haitians and cocaine than shooting Araby's cousins (as she would have been doing in the Marines, her original choice).


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