Bin Laden

ArabiaMad's hero

Joined SS 28 April 2012
Joined DnE 22 June 2012
Nationality Saudi Arabian
Known for huge lolcow, militant Muslim, couldn't into English

ArabiaMad (more commonly referred to as Araby) and alternatively known as hahaha12345, ihateteachers, and anonymousanonymous was a Dark n Edgy lolcow, notably the only user from Saudi Arabia. He is also the only known Muslim to have joined the forums. He lives in Riyadh, the country's capital. He is one of two main lolcows. He wants everyone to be Muslim, and if you aren't Muslim, you're evil. Araby openly hates America and claims that his country, Saudi Arabia, has the power to cripple the American economy. Other than this, Araby is also know for many forms of trolling, spamming, shitposting, etc.

Personal traitsEdit

Fatal FlawEdit

The fatal flaw of Araby that most contributed to his difficulty to deal with other users was his closed-mindedness: He not only refused to acknowledge logical arguments from his opponents in debates, but he continually used the same, debunked, unrelated, unnecessarily personal "evidence" in almost every debate about religion or politics i.e., every fucking debate this kid got in.

Debates & IRCEdit

A debate with Araby could've been started just like any other debate; two people want to show enough evidence to the other person to convince them that they are right, while also learning about the opposing argument's point of view and maybe even change their opinion. But with the slightest criticism, not even an insult, of Islam, or any opinion of Arabia that could even be perceived as a criticism, he would get personal. Either that, or he would run out of arguments and resort to, "America sucks, they couldn't even win the Vietnam War or defeat the Taliban," or, "Saudi Arabia can totally lock America's economy. We did it before and we can do it again." Keep in mind that both of these statements have been retorted with accurate information, yet he still persists and refuses to either acknowledge the opposing side or back up his own arguments.

Political viewsEdit

Araby, being a fundamentalist Muslim, had very strict and conservative Muslim political views. He probably supported some sort of caliphate. Soon before he left, Wes also kinda sorta convinced him that capitalism is a good idea and not contradictory with his religious views. This should be applauded, as it is hard to convince Araby of anything.


School Survival eraEdit

Little remains in terms of information about Araby's actions on SS, but it is well remembered he supported public capital punishment, the boycotting of Israel and many ultra-conservative policies backed by the Saudi Arabian government.

Dark n Edgy eraEdit

For roughly half a month, it was thought that when the community abandoned SS for DnE, they also abandoned Araby. This would be proved wrong, as he inevitably joined on 22 June 2012. During this time, he made numerous almost pointless threads.

Complete list of ArabiaMad's threadsEdit

Excluding those which may have been deleted, as of 10 May 2014

  • interview me - His interview thread.
  • North Korea - Araby complains about North Korea, seemingly oblivious to the community's discussions on North Korea being satirical, and genuinely believing that the community supported the North Korean government.
  • Fat Kid Beats Up a Bully - Araby reports on the famous video of a bully victim retaliating in an Australian high school.
  • 12 Year Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Sister - Araby reports on an incident in Colorado where a 12 year old shot his 17 year old sister, supposedly accidentally.
  • Luna, please un-firewall me - Araby requests for his ban from the IRC to be lifted. He is denied.
  • ATTENTION SSers!!!!!!! - Araby genuinely believes he had convinced DnE that he was banned from School Survival by changing his user title to "Banned", despite the fact he posted whilst this user title was still active, making it obvious that he was not banned.
  • My replies thread - Araby tries to reply to threads he can't directly reply to by using this thread whilst basement dwelled. Famously, he claims "Arab women have opportunities that American women don't have."
  • Fuck SoulRiser - Araby notices that he and SwiftEscudo have been banned from SS; as he can't use a proxy due to all proxies being blocked by the Saudi Arabian government, he calls on his "fellow SSers" to "BRING DOWN HER OPPRESSION"
  • 17-YEAR-OLD SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVOR FACES COURT FOR TWEETING THE NAMES - Araby reports on a case where a 17 year old girl is sent to court for tweeting the names of men who supposedly raped her. Araby blames alcohol for the incident.
  • Gladiator ROUND 1 FINISHED, ROUND 2 COMING TOMORROW - Round 1 of Araby's gladiator tournament in which he virtually kills users he does not like. He uses his famous "yh" as a choosable answer to a poll question.
  • Any VPN which I can download? - Araby tries to bypass the Saudi Arabian great firewall, only to find that the government has already blocked every VPN he can find. He could face risk of execution if he was caught successfully using a VPN.
  • Never endin story - Araby displays his sick grammar skillz, innit fam.
  • North Korea's Kim Jong-un gets new offficial theme song - Araby reports on the release of a North Korean K-Pop propaganda song entitled "Onward Towards The Final Victory". At the end of the first post, he points out that North Korea has no internet access and frequently tortures citizens for "not showing enough respect to da leader", oblivious to the fact that the DnE community already know this, and again believing that DnE's community genuinely supports North Korea.
  • I need help - Araby believes he has made a webpage on Microsoft Word, and asks how to upload it. He fails to realise that uploading a webpage to the internet requires owning a domain name and server, things that Araby does not have access to, and likely never will. SwiftEscudo and Fish20 try to convince Araby that Lemon Party will host his webpage. He reports that Lemon Party is blocked in Saudi Arabia.
  • My dad's boss ;( - Araby reveals that his father's boss is refusing to pay rent for his home in Riyadh. He temporarily leaves the city.
  • I'll be taking a break from SS - Araby announces that whilst outside of Riyadh, he will not have access to the internet for 2 months.
  • tinychat - Araby tries to get people to join the now long abandoned Tinychat room started by Ramm before it was abandoned following visits from people who know Ramm in person, who don't understand the grasp of the chat room. Lamefun attacks tinychat for needing proprietary software.
  • fish 20 - Araby rants about a post made by Ramm minutes before the closing of School Survival and after his public attack on Fish20's homosexuality. He claims that if a Western nation has bad relations with Saudi Arabia, they would also have bad relations with Germany and Norway, as they are, according to him, allied with Saudi Arabia. He claims "By the way. The whole world implements religion. Christamas, Good friday, easter, Hanukkah, Eid, etc.

    PS-you can't become allies with norway and germany, bcoz they implement religion (christamas, easter, good friday, etc)" completely misunderstanding the point of the post, seeming to believe it to be an attack against religion, which is entirely irrelevant. He also believes that the Christian holidays in Norway and Germany are political and implemented by the government, when in reality they are implemented purely for cultural and borderline religious reasons, and the majority of its observers are not actually Christian. Having never left Saudi Arabia in his whole life, Araby has likely never experienced a Christian holiday.

  • Why was FAGIX banned? - Araby asks why Duelix was banned.

  • How did you find SS forums 2.0? - Araby reveals he found DnE through trying various search phrases on Google, as at the time the forum was invitation only and there was no public link to it.

  • VIVI - Araby attacks Vivi, famously coining the term "SHARMUTA" which would later become his catchphrase.

  • lol at ma mum - Araby mocks his mother for getting fired after demanding basic worker's rights.

  • Fuck my sister - Araby tells the story of how he attacked his sister before being told off by his mother.

  • How did you find SS forums? - Araby asks DnE how they discovered School Survival.

  • Do you think that gays and lesbians should be allowed to adopt? - Araby asks the community for their views on same-sex adoption. He famously votes "NO DEY R FUKIN QUEERS!!". He is one of only 2 users to do so. The second vote likely came from a sockpuppet. The winning result of the poll, not surprisingly, was "Strongly Agree", which won by 86% with 19 votes.

  • ????? ????? ?? ???????? Patience Oh Baghdad - Araby posts a song and video about Middle Eastern conflict. The thumbnail looks dodgy.

  • heeeeeyyyy looooooool - Araby initiates a pointless forum game in which the goal is to count to 50.

  • COME ON DA CHAT - More or less a repeat of the "tinychat" thread.

  • Im not, allowed to biyt up my sistur - Another outstanding display of Araby's grasp on English. He complains that after being up his sister, his parents took action. He asks DnE for help to get revenge, oblivious to the fact that not only does DnE have a negative opinion on him, but also strongly disagree with his decision to beat up his sister. Advice is not given.

  • I HaTe YoU fUcKeRs - Araby posts an extremely vague rant on NATO, the USA and gay pride.

  • The illuminati Exposed by Muammar Gaddafi - Araby reveals that he supports now deceased Libyan politician Muammar Gaddafi.

  • Harassment - Araby claims he is being sexually harrassed by Vivi and SwiftEscudo. He is oblivious to the fact he can simply report PMs, not that the admins would do anything either way.

  • Bulgarianlion, i will teach you arabic!!!! - Araby attempts to teach Bulgvar how to speak and write Arabic, however, he is not willing. Again, this shows that Araby doesn't always know how to use the forum properly.

  • WTF?!?!?!?!? - Araby attempts to listen to an Adolf Hitler speech on YouTube, only to find that it is blocked by the Saudi Arabian government.

  • LAMEFUN - Araby demands that Lamefun leave the forums.

  • OH MY DAYS YOUR OWN PPL ARE MUSLIMS - Araby points out 2 American rappers have converted to Islam; he believes they are representative of the entire West. His views on Saudi Arabia's authoriatian theocracy are changed following a post by Ramm.

  • SwiftEscudo - Araby reveals a PM from SwiftEscudo in which he is jokingly offered anal sex.

  • PLEASE - Practically the same sort of thread as above.

  • YoU gUyS aRe So StUpId - Araby reveals a PM from Vivi in which she has copy pasted perverse song lyrics to him.

  • What is the Minecraft Server?? - Araby reveals he is oblivious to what Minecraft is.

  • My Parents gave 'The Talk' - Araby learns about sex and puberty behind schedule at the age of 12 in a very comical fashion.

  • Go the Fuck to Sleep - Araby shares a satirical book he has found. A genuinely good post.

  • Tips on how to gain weight - Araby asks how to gain weight. He claims he cannot afford McDonald's.

  • EFS and Aya luuuuuuuuv eachother - Araby reveals a PM in which he claims Aya would be willing to have sex with Efs, claiming this as proof that the two are in love.

  • efs DA RAPIST!! - Araby accuses Efs of being bisexual and a rapist, and warns Aya to leave the forum.

  • Belgian right-wingers offer burqa bounty - Araby complains about Belgium's ban on burqas.

  • is SHOTGUNHEART here? - Araby is informed SHOTGUNHEART did not join DnE.

  • ATTENTION ALL PPL IN BRITAIN - Araby reports on the UK's attempt to [cross]censor[/cross] "monitor" email and web usage.

  • aladdin's shitpile - Simply contains the message "wot a stupid vid"

  • We dont take shit from no one - Araby reports on a Muslim women who scares away a thief using a 3ft battle axe.

  • wot am I - It is revealed Araby is below average height and underweight for his age.

  • A middle-aged Saudi man has been sentenced to death by beheading for k - Araby reports on a story in Saudi Arabia in which a man commits vehicular homicide is sentenced to death.

  • Man charged for cutting off and eating wife's lip - Araby reports on this story which surprisingly happened in Sweden. He claims "NO arab would ever do that."

  • Northern Ireland gay blood case passes first stage - Araby reports on a gay man successfully challenged the Northern Irish law that prohibits homosexuals from donating blood. He believes that homosexuality can be transmitted through blood transfusion, and that gays will "infect ppl with da disease of gayness".

  • Which Economic System? - This is a poll with the options "Gold", "Silver", "Paper" or "FUK DAT SHIT, JUST TRADE STUFF" showing he doesn't quite understand what the term "economic system" actually means.

  • Ghaddafi Cruising the Streets on 14 April 2011 - More Middle Eastern news.

  • Brussels police attacked after arresting veiled woman - Islam related news.

  • Do i have good enough english - Araby reveals he may work at age 13 if his English is good enough. He asks DnE to rate his English. Wes starts a frivolous debate on "real English"

  • Somali militants offer 10 camels for information on Barack Obama - More Middle Eastern news.

  • WTF - Araby is not impressed with the temporary new forum name.

  • German court bans circumcision of young boys - More news, Araby believes this to be a violation of Germany's constitution. He points out that Germany has animal brothels.

  • No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli - More Middle Eastern news and evidence of Araby's pro-Gaddafi views.

  • My crazy Parents - Araby says that he is going to private school.

  • The Green Book - More Gaddafi propaganda. He claims Gaddafi was the only leader who gave free electricity and housing, forgetting about states such as East Germany.

  • Saudi Racism - Araby talks about the large amount of immigrants employed in Saudi Arabia.

  • Gaddafi gold for oil, dollar doom plans behind Libya mission? - More Gaddafi propaganda.

  • Saudi king Abdullah wishes success to Egypt's Morsi - More Middle Eastern news.

  • Baron's youtube channel - For some reason, Araby finds and shares Baron's YouTube channel, even though the community was already well aware of its existence and Baron did not intend for it to be secret.

  • Do I hav da right to success from KSA? - Araby asks for permission to start his own secessionist movement. The obvious answer is "No."

  • why? - Araby asks about his lack of popularity.

  • London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete - More Middle Eastern news.

  • Arab Driving School - This is ignored.

  • Army orders hot pink burqas for Afghanistan - More Middle Eastern news. Araby accuses Afghanistan of wanting to "turn our women into Islamic pornstars."

  • Hahaha12345 for Admin - Araby launches an unsuccessful campaign to become admin.

  • Iranian general military strike would be the end of Israel - More Middle Eastern news.


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