What absent probably looks like

Joined SS 6 December 2009
Joined DnE 8 June 2012
Nationality American
Known for being smart, heroin, EFO


Born in Pennsylvania during the early 90's, Absentinsomniac has been both a staff member and active contributor to both SS and DnE since late 2009. He is an acting Administrator on DarknEdgy and has, since the great purge, primarily been focused on the development of DarknEdgy. Absent is a computer science major going for his B.S, and currently holds an associates in computer information systems.

Involvement in the founding of DarknEdgyEdit

Soon after /ss/ went down, SoulRiser posted a blog post located here. In the comments section of this post, we have a historical record of discussions involving the creation of a new alternate forum that would replace /ss/. Blogthe15 asked:

"Thanks for the forums guys. So shall someone set up something temporary somewhere else or will I never see you guys again?"

The first to respond to this question was Absentinsomniac, replying:

"I can set some shit up if you guys want. I've run forums before and shit. I'll let everyone who's on the staff now run it. If someone else wants to set it up, I'm cool with that..."

To which Baron replied:

thank you based absent
make ss forums strong glory nation

And directly after, Lunatic posted:

I made my own forum, but I'm self-hosting it, all for free (except for paying to the ISP)... so it won't be able to handle a quarter of SS's (majorly bot and guest-based) traffic.

Which later became what is now DarknEdgy. Absent was made an admin on Lunatics new forums, and proceeded to help with technical and administrative tasks from that point on, or at least attempted to.

Mutually Beneficial NetworkEdit

Absent, in May of 2014 outlined an idea for the future growth of DarknEdgy in this thread. This is still an actively developing concept. Basically, while in an IRC discussion with MrBill (God), Absent came up with the idea of a network of people all pursuing some end-goal, supported by everyone else with relevant experience or knowledge in any field. Practically, this has primarily been used as a support network, a network to keep people to their commitments, often used for programming projects. The MbN page is now linked via DnE's linkbar on the site.

Political ViewsEdit

Absent often leans left on most issues, with some exceptions like gun rights. He is often described as some variety of syndicalist, although he has not adopted any one political philosophy or doctrine outright. He's a damn commie sympathizer, and often gets into economic and political arguments with wes, among others who support more traditional capitalistic viewpoints.

Non-comprehensive list of political views:

  • Minimum wage should be raised.
  • Co-ops should be encouraged.
  • [1]Keynesian economics
  • Socialist tendancies.

Educational Freedom OrganizationEdit

Absentinsomniac is the founder of the Educational Freedom Organization, hosted by Soulriser. The EFO was origionally meant to be a political organization for moving education towards more democratic alternatives. The EFO garnered a lot of interest, but little actual action stemmed from it. Absent's stated goal for the EFO is onw to turn it into a research organization for publishing accessible but academic papers to support the idea of free-education.

Modship and SS ActivityEdit

On school survival, Absent was for a time a moderator. He often supported free speech and did little with his mod-status outside of cleaning up spam and protecting user confidentiality. He primarily acted as an active member and weighed in on things as a forum member instead of a moderator.


Absent's profile on SS Absent's profile on DnE

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