A faction, or organization, is a group of people who come together with a unifying goal or philosophy. That's not to say that these ones do though.

Hugbox Initiative/School SurvivalEdit

SS flag

Flag of the Hugbox Initiative



Coat of Arms (SS)

Coat of Arms (SS)


Second in Command: xcriteria

CommandersNeue, Hansgrohe, DoA

Common folk: REBAG, Evan92, jne 

Motto: "Here, have a napkin."

Philosophy: Hugboxism

the Edgy-as-Fuck Caliphate/DnEEdit


WarlordsSaintViciousEfsWesAya, SwiftEscudo, Gore, Duelix

Motto: "Run by the inmates, for the inmates."


"Help I'm gay/lesbian/fap to weird shit" CONGRATULATIONS you're different just like everyone. Herd mentally ostracizes anything weird, shut the fuck up keep your head down if you don't want people to be mean to you. It shouldn't be like that yes end of the day we're all animals. 

"Help relationship problem"

They don't love you. Shut the fuck up they don't. Neither of you have a clue, you don't have enough life experience to handle this learn as much as you can move on

"Help (peer) bullies" Punch them in their faggot mouth, I don't care how big/gender, do it no one wants to make fun of you if there is a risk they get socked in the mouth. 

"Help (adult) bully"  Bait them record conversation, report them school police etc this is the adult version of socking them in the mouth. Or just deck them same thing. 

"Help I'm fucking dumb" School work isn't hard retard start reading. Use common sense ask yourself does this make sense? Help my parents are nazis Get in line kid, get out asap and spite them to death. I send my father a yearly I hope you're unwell and in extreme agony card. Life's unfair but they hold the power deal with it. 

As always if you can't do any of these things feel free to kill yourself and will your shit to me so I can merch it.

DnE Coat

Coat of Arms (DnE)

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